R Duckworth Vending

Drinks, snacks & cans

Drink, snack and can vending complements many of the areas we operate in. You can expect the same high standard of service and levels of expectation as we do with the rest of the business.
Highest quality machines available…

Although we have long standing connections with all the leading vending machine manufactures, we are not committed to any one of them. This enables us to select only those machines we know to be of the highest quality and that provide the reliability essential to the business of snack and drink vending. As we pride ourselves on the variety, quality and dependability of the many machines we offer our customers are advised of any technological advances made in the industry, thus making the very latest developments always available.

Good selection…

From the large selection of machines available rest assure that your machine will not only provide the range of brands you require but will be modern and easy to use. You can select a range of healthy and traditional options to give everyone the products they want to buy.

Wholesale department…

Duckworth’s has been established in the wholesale trade for over 50 years. We stock a full range of crisps, nuts, glassware, bar requisites, paper disposables, cleaning products and machinery. All items are available for immediate delivery. For more information click on the wholesale tab or call.